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US President Joe Biden reportedly raised his voice at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I honestly think most Americans, including senior politicians, don't have a good understanding of what is happening in Eastern Europe.
A meaty bite of nose. Another day, more Musk. Putin preps for big show of nuke strength. Stars collide even in space.
Unhinged Trump goes MEGA unhinged. Van Gogh gets Warhol'd. Intel takes the cash, fires workers. AI is making students dumber. Russian can't do space.
You lie about your Covid. Trump is served. No legs for the Metaverse. Truth Social wants to ruin your day. Video calls redux by Google.
Alex Jones gets slammed for a billion. Liz Truss destroys the British economy in a week. Elon bestie-friends Putin for cash. Ukraine bombarded by Russia.
Trump's lawyers are in some MEGA trouble. Herschel loses the plot. YouTube is doing the paywall thing. North Korea continues to attack the ocean.
Putin grabs Ukraine, gets slapped back. Lula comes this close. SNL tries to be funny and misses widely. Football fans stampede in Indonesia.
Germany pays up for energy costs. Musk and Dorsey do some texting. Neymar hearts Bolsonaro. Finland shuts the border to Russian “tourists”.
Hurricane Ian comes ashore hard. Most birds will die in our lifetime. Hackers steal millions of data in Australia. Police shoot and kill kidnapping victim.
Hurricane Ian is coming to Tampa. The British Pound is getting pounded. Urban design cooks up a gem. California is still on fire, of course.
Stop buying iPhones. Russians fight back. SpaceX makes it look easy. Amazon starts expanding into every day. Police are confirmed idiots.
Elton John gets a medal. Italy loses its damned mind. NASA rolls snake-eyes again. Russia conscripts everyone. Adam Levine unfriends the internet.
Trump does mind control. Brett Favre goes lower. The housing crash is in full effect. Iranians are being killed in the streets. Alex Jones gets scolded.
Putin has decided to go all-in. Trump gets sued by NY state. Biden and Zelenskiy remind the UN Russia is doing war crimes. Apple Watch goes outdoors.
Disney+ has dropped the first three Andor episodes. Russia is planning for a referendum. Twitch presumably bans on-stream gambling. Joe Manchin is sad Republicans are mad at him.
In today's Rundown, Ron DeSantis is facing harsh scrutiny. There is a beer shortage looming in the US. Russia wants to shoot down Starlink. Podcast subject Adnan Syed is freed.