Connect With the Show

I hope people connect to the show, otherwise I’ll be talking into the void of space all alone. Please join me on this mad journey.

If you’re one of those people who devour podcasts on the go, then you’re in luck. Three Things is available as an audio-only podcast. Here is the Spotify link if you like to listen on the web.

Twitch is a great place to watch Three Things. It has emotes and bits, and you can get banned and all that fun stuff. Seriously, the Just Chatting category is filled with shows like this – just ignore them, please.

The show streams live on Facebook for those lovely folks who “Like to Like.” I have a Three Things page for you. So, Like it, please! It helps people find the show.

YouTube is a great place to watch the show’s live streams and, all past shows are posted there as well if you want to save up for a few weeks and binge-watch Three Things. I mean, The Queen’s Gambit is only seven episodes, amiright?

Periscope is the sneaky one that’s super easy to use with outstanding quality and mobile by default. Periscope is a great choice to watch Three Things while on the go or in the back row of class with your phone inside a big book.

Follow and post to the Twitter account if you want to ask for show topics, or for any reason, really. Hashtag #threethings seems like a good thing to do, too. The show will also post info about stuff that you might want to know about. Or not. But probably a good idea to follow anyhow.

Three Things has a Slack for the 1337 devs and thread watchers out there in internets land. Post anything you like but, we also want to have topic ideas too. Here is the invite linkSorry about Salesforce. \_(ツ)_/¯ 

Join the Three Things Discord at this link here. Soon, people can join the show as a caller to chat about the day’s topics or other things about the show. If I’m lucky, we’ll need mods, so there’s that to look forward to.