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Disney+ has dropped the first three Andor episodes. Russia is planning for a referendum. Twitch presumably bans on-stream gambling. Joe Manchin is sad Republicans are mad at him.
  • Twitch presumably bans on-stream gambling starting Oct’22. But it’s a soft reaction, mainly designed to protect their top-tier streamers advertising earners. It is a step, but real reform is still far off. Devin Nash published a great video explaining the problem and exactly why Twitch is reluctant to act decisively.

  • Donald Trump’s haphazard legal approach to the investigation into his stealing government documents, and possessing classified documents, has taken an absurd turn, which is no surprise. His legal team demanded a special master to review the government’s access to personal information collected in the recent search of his Mar-a-Lago home. But when challenged if Trump actually declassified the documents found in his possession, Trump’s lawyer refused to say either way. Peak Trump.

  • Russia is planning for a referendum to classify their occupation of eastern and southern Ukraine legally part of Russia. Ostensibly, a “yes” vote means Putin will rename his ‘special military operation’ to ‘all out war’, however experts doubt this will change the situation on the ground and would do very little to improve Russian support for the war.

  • Coal mogul, Joe Manchin, US Senator from West Virginia, is sad Republicans are mad at him for being a consistent and effective obstruction to positive action against climate change, which is strange. The Republican Party is so warped, that they are against passing a bill that gives them exactly want they want, only because a Democrat is making it possible.

  • If you are rich, the US is not in a recession. Despite record high inflation and record low unemployment, the US hasn’t yet declared its two consecutive quarters of falling GDP and official recession. If you are poor, every day is a financial nightmare, so being officially in recession isn’t so relevant anyhow.

  • The Disney+, Star Wars series Andor has dropped today with the first three episodes. I’m personally excited to watch it, since Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars film. The reviews are slightly mixed, tending to positive, with a notable number of comments explaining this series is more adult-oriented content than previous Disney+ offerings.