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Putin has decided to go all-in. Trump gets sued by NY state. Biden and Zelenskiy remind the UN Russia is doing war crimes. Apple Watch goes outdoors.
  • Putin has decided to go all-in to hold on to the illegally annexed territories of eastern and southern Ukraine, as the UA make substantial gains to retake occupied lands in Donbass. The decision comes with the standard nuclear threats, as well as clamping down on the personal freedoms of military age males throughout Russia for a massive personnel conscription.

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is the newest, high-end watch release from Apple. It looks very cool, refined, and has that ‘designed for the outdoors’ style. The reviews agree this device won’t displace Garmin or Polar as go-to wilderness communications platforms, but the Ultra has great battery life and the usability for sports has improved. As someone who goes on remote cycling trips, having a satellite GPS tracking device with me is essential, and I wouldn’t want that device on my wrist in the form of a delicate glass computer. I still rock the 2017 Apple Watch 3 GPS and it’s going strong.

  • US president Joe Biden addressed the UN General Assembly with a determined, poignant speech making clear his anger towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and singling out Vladimir Putin, saying the Russian war is “a war chosen by one man.”

  • Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, also addressed the UN General Assembly yesterday, laying out his plan for the future of peace in Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, the plan included returning all the Russian occupied territory and prosecuting war crimes committed by Russian soldiers. Zelenskiy’s speeches are well-crafted and remain an effective rallying cry for the international community to get behind.

  • US Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, announced a federal funds interest rate hike of 75 basis points, leading to a new overnight rate of 3%-3.25%. The US stock market immediately went into shock, and after bounding around on profit taking, settled 500 points down for the day. It’s fair to note that short-term stock market fluctuations have very little to do with normal people. Investing in index funds to save for retirement remains the best way to increase your wealth and avoid reactionary downturns in the micro-economy of day trading stocks.

  • Former US president and perpetual loser, Donald Trump, got some terrible news yesterday from the NY state Attorney General, Letitia James. The NY AG’s office has filed a civil lawsuit against Trump, his company, and the management of the company, who are mainly his children, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka. The lawsuit aims to bar him from doing business in NY state and seeks a minimum of $250M in fines and restitution for fraudulently valuing his properties to avoid taxes and obtain business loans over a 10-year period. James also referred her investigation’s evidence to the US Department of Justice and the IRS for additional criminal investigations.