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Elon Musk Twitter

Other-worldly jackhole, Elon Musk, stepped into the Twitter offices late last week and set off a waterfall of misery. Firing the executive team, the entire board of directors, key software engineers, and has plans to hack anywhere from 25% to 75% of employees. Some hero jokesters posed as recently fired employees and tricked several media outlets, edging for any new news. Now comes word that the all hat, no cowboy self-titled Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator is brining developers from Tesla. So much for the FSD perfect safety goal, we need a new Vine, now. Move it, software toadies, or else!

The bid, sale, and takeover of Twitter is about as close to a clusterf*ck as you can get without dying. Musk waves his hands and tweets his BS ‘evidence’ of whatever and expects the media and his acolytes to fall into a nice orderly line, reporting and repeating everything he says. When in the real world, he’s jeopardizing the lives of thousands of employees. From housing payments to retirement to car loans and medical bills, he’s going to devastate the financial health of families nationwide. His actions should be condemned, not enthusiastically cheered.

He Wants the 3.0

And make no mistake, he’s not done by a lot. Twitter the platform isn’t what he wants. He’s set his sights on Blue Sky with @jack. Elon has no intention to operate a social media company for years and years, doing the hard work required to support hundreds of millions of users. It’s a show, and he’s the ring master. It might be worth mentioning, I have no intention to leave Twitter. It belongs to me and the millions who use the site every day to learn new things, share ideas, and communicate with people when it would be otherwise impossible. Elon thinks this is his big play into Web 3.0. Well, he will need more than his sycophants to make that work. Until he’s gone, here’s a free speech up yours.đź–•